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Messenger Bags

Sacs messagers par thème


Sacs Personalized Laptop Messenger

Get a bag that sends the right message, then sling it over your shoulder and head off into the sunset. There’s no failure to communicate here…we’ve got a canvas messenger bag that speaks out with just your point of view. You can say what you wanna say with an image that portrays who you are and what you’re about, or you can walk (and talk) with a clever quote! These messenger shoulder bags are especially versatile—take them to work, to school, to the library or wherever else your day takes you. Made of 100% cotton, these bags are extra spacious and offer an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. With their enzyme-washed, cool retro look and raw-edged covers, they make great men’s messenger bags, messenger bags for girls, and bags for just about anyone else who wants to look stylishly with it. Don’t see the bag for you? You can make your own with our always-clever Design Tool, and you’ll have your personalized messenger bag